Check out the Philippine Star today! Entertainment section C-7... Sweet Memories on Q-11

There is a new pastry shop in town, and its is all set to churn out delectable baked goodies and desserts starting October 4, 6:30 p.m.

Enter Q-11's True Confections, a half hour casual baking tutorial that showcases easy-to-make but hard-to-resist desserts.

Hosted by Sam Oh with pastry chefs Aileen Anastacio of Goodies N' Sweets and Jackie Ang-Po Fleur de Lys Patisserie, the show will share all the delicious secrets behind everyone's favorite desserts - from classic to modern, from simple, no-bake goodies to fancy.

Segments include Do it yourself desserts, a "how to" on making a variety of desserts from scratch, Sweets around the world, a feature on various dessert products from other countries; Guiltless, a feature on low-sugar and low-fat desserts; and Behind the sweets, a feature on how everyone's all-time favorite sweets are made.

On it's pilot episode, True Confections will feature classic cakes that never fail to impress any sweet appetite.  Classic chocolate cake and strawberry shortcake will revive everyone's cravings and bring back sweet memories of the good old days!


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